Active Teens In Motion Club

Welcome to Teen’s In Motion Registration!

Parents are you ready? Teen are you ready?

Boys and Girls Ages 15-18!

It's Teen's In Motion! Join The Club Now! This is an all-out youth preservation program unlike any to date, "TEEN IN MOTION" reaches further by taking a personal year round interest in each youth’s individual success as a person; ensuring maximization of each youth’s strengths, while working to minimize realized weaknesses. Your teen will lose the boring side of life and enter into the exciting realm of youth life on the move, combining home, school, and expanded teen life, with the unending adventures of ''TEAHE’S, TEENS IN MOTION''.

Your teen will also experience safe, supervised year round personal and educational growth fostering teamwork.

TEAHE’S active member program includes, club travel, performing arts, sports teams, drill clubs, drum core, flag core, community services activities, fundraising, social skills task, weekly teen club meetings, educational trips, summer camps, intramural games, community, family and social events.

Parent if the above is not convincing enough, just think of the pressure off your shoulders, freeing up valuable time for you to improve your family relationship in the home, as well as exploring; how you can help TEAHE help improve the lives of additional youth who may need to find these revolving doors to success each day.


The (IM) daily self-reflections are simply, thoughts you must remind yourself of each day as you walk through our club doors:
I (him/her) a today’s youth, living in a tough world, and I am responsible enought to relize.
IM as I relates to my peers,
IM as I relates to family,
IM as I relate to my community
I am the one responsible for my action and no one else!
The National Foundation of Enrichment for the Arts, Humanities, & Education, Inc.