MISSION - Is to always use all of our energies and resources to save a youth that is at risk, inspiring him/her to find the blazing path to self-improvement, self-respect, and overall individual success.

MOTTO • A terrible mind is worth salvaging
• A broken Spirit is worth uplifting
• And a Life is worth preservation
• A Community is worth saving

OUR VISION - Is to be a world class, second to none, youth partnering organization across the nation, planting the seeds of valuing the world in which we live, having a better understanding of its diversity, Resulting in transplants from shore to shore, with a renewed wealth of inner pride for self-development, improved peer to peer relations, stronger commitments to family, community, and a better understanding of the importance of business Preservation, for individual Success.

The National Foundation of Enrichment for the Arts, Humanities, & Education, Inc.