Rules and Regulations


The National Foundation of Enrichment for the Arts, Humanities, and Education, Inc. (TEAHE) is a multicultural community of people from diverse backgrounds.  Our activities, programs, classes, workshops, lectures, and everyday interactions are enriched by our acceptance of one another, and we strive to learn from each other in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect.

Our legacy for an increasingly multicultural academic community and for a learning climate free from expressions of bigotry is drawn from the United States and Illinois Constitutions, and from the charter of The National Foundation of Enrichment for the Arts, Humanities, and Education (TEAHE), Inc. which protects diversity and reaffirms our commitment to the protection of lawful free speech.  Affirmation of that freedom is an effective way of ensuring that acts of bigotry and abusive behavior will not go unchallenged within the Foundation.  Tolerance, civility, and mutual respect for diversity of background, gender, ethnicity, race, and religion are as crucial within our Foundation community as are tolerance, civility, and mutual respect for diversity of political beliefs, sexual orientation, and physical abilities.  Education and clear, rational, and vigorous challenges are positive responses to prejudice and acts of bigotry.

The TEAHE Foundation’s nondiscrimination policy, in compliance with applicable Federal and State Law, covers treatment in center programs and activities as well as admission and employment.  TEAHE expects all those affiliated with it to adhere to the letter and the spirit of TEAHE nondiscrimination policies and related Federal and State Laws.

Allegations of physical abuse, threats of violence, or conduct that threatens the health or safety of any person on TEAHE property or in connection with official University functions will be investigated promptly and, where found to exist, appropriate actions will be taken in accordance the TEAHE Foundation policy.

All who work, live; study, and teach at TEAHE are hereby choice and, as part of that choice, should be committed to these Principles of Community which are an integral part of the guidelines by which the TEAHE community can successfully conduct its affairs.

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Agency staff persons are obligated to always act in the best interest of the organization. This obligation requires that any employee, in the performance of Agency duties, seek only the furtherance of the Agency mission. At all times, employees are prohibited from using their job title, the organization’s name or property, for private profit or benefit.

  1. The officers, employees, or agents of the Agency should neither solicit nor accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from contractors/vendors. This is not intended to preclude bona-fide Agency fund raising-activities.
  2. No officer, employee, or agent of the Agency shall participate in the selection, award, or administration of a purchase or contract with a vendor where, to his knowledge, any of the following has a financial interest in that purchase or contract:
    1. The officer, employee, or agent;
    2. Any member of their immediate family;
    3. Their partner;
    4. An organization in which any of the above is an officer, director, or employee;
    5. A person or organization with whom any of the above individuals is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment.
  3. Disclosure - Any possible conflict of interest shall be disclosed by the person or persons concerned.
  4. Board Action - When a conflict of interest is relevant to a matter requiring action by the Board of Trustees, the interested person(s) shall call it to the attention of the Board of Trustees and said person(s) shall not vote on the matter.  In addition, the person(s) shall not participate in the final deliberation or decision regarding the matter under consideration and shall retire from the room during the vote of the Board of Trustees.  When there is a doubt as the whether a conflict exists, the matter shall be resolved by vote of the Board of Trustees, excluding the person(s) concerning whose situation the doubt has arisen.
  5. Record of Conflict - The official minutes of the Board of Trustees shall reflect that the conflict of interest was disclosed and the interested person(s) was (were) not present during the final discussion or vote and did not vote on the matter.
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The National Foundation of Enrichment for the Arts, Humanities, & Education, Inc.