Program scholarship amounts: (will vary depending on scholarship funding and disbursements will be Determined Annually)

§ Full Internal Scholarships $480,000

§ External National Scholarship $8,000

§ The National Awareness Competition Scholarship $40,000


The annual projected number of Scholarships is as following with full funding and will grow with additional funding:


§ 20- Full Internal Scholarships

§ 02- External National Scholarship

§ 20-The National Awareness Competition Scholarship


  1. TEAHE Scholarships


§ The National Foundation of TEAHE will provide to individuals Academic scholarships, based on our enrichment areas of concentration for At Risk youth participating in our enrichment program Centers. The Areas That Qualify Consist of:


§  The Arts

§  Education

§  Humanities

§  Vocational

§  Industrial

§  Technical

§  Scientific

§ Any other area that meet our requirements and does not Compromise our Bylaws and Statius as a nonprofit entity.


  1. TEAHE Scholarship Awareness


     The National THAHE Scholarship Program will be


      • Individuals of the organization will hold open house at schools , churches, community centers, and public gatherings
      • Individuals of the organization will approach people in other nonprofit organizations to ask them to help advertise program
      • Ads in National and Local news papers
      • Ads on National And Local TV and Radio
      • Use of local schools and university bulletin boards
      • Seek university programs that have students participate in community service projects as part of their coursework; we will use them to reach the identified communities sector at large.


  1. Scholarship committee


§ Douglas Coffee

§ Jose Cortez

§ Shaunessye Curry

§ Jerry Fenderson

§ Reginald Jackson

§ Lenny Moore


To apply for a seat on the volunteer scholarship Committee submit resume: In care of T.E.A.H.E. INC. to

Note: By vote of the Board of Directors, new subcommittee members will be selected.  including but not limited to additional Educational Professionals, of a variety of educational backgrounds that represent the National Foundations diverse Areas of concentration; including but not limited to Arts, Humanities, Education, Science, and Vocational/Industrial Technologies.
  1. Scholarship Committee Member


§ The requirements are:

§ Each member must not have had any prior relationships or contacts with any of the applicants that would present a conflict of interest.

§ Each member will have a working knowledge of at risk youth and the guidelines that identify and qualify them.

§ They must possess knowledge of the process of elimination based on   factual data. They must have a keen sense to determine truth vs. fiction

§ They must have Great English, Reading, writing, and math skills

§ They must be Willing to volunteer because of a genuine belief in saving youth that are at risk even though funds may not be there to compensate them for their time

§ They will possess the skills to work in groups, and complete projects in a timely manner according to specific guidelines. 


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