My Best Friend

  1. It’s big black shiny eyes, sparkled with love deep from within, reminding me of the love I know they have for me, his soft brown fur, as smooth as my skin, causes my mind to wonder back in time when she would hold me in her arms, stroking my tiny head with warm soft hands assuring me everything would be ok; his open brown hands, brings a smile to my face as I recall having no fear when he was near, because he was tall and strong, and always reminding me he was there to protect me as, I too would one day become the protector, His big feet take me back to the times, when we would go from place to place enjoying life and each other all the time, I’m thankful for you teddy, because you make life so much easier for me, and as always you keep me and my family together when It seems, we’re so far apart, and my big brown snuggly teddy, I love you for the peace you bring me.

My Prayer

  1. Lord take these two eyes, and help them see the good in all men. Lord take these two feet and only let them take me to places, that is good for this young body…….To Be Continued

Home! Sweet Home!

  1. I, wonder  what they will think, when they find me tucked far beneath the warm, sweet smelling, soft covers on… not my bed but theirs, it’s the safest place I know, I lose all fears, of many bad things which make it hard for me to sleep!

I slip further under the cover as I hear their voices creep ever so closer, if they only knew how grateful I am, to know they are so very near, as tonight’s lights began going dim.

I really haven’t come to grips with all the lonely nights, I spent along in that cold, dark, and dreadfully damp room, with only one very smelly, torn blanket, to comfort me during nights passed, and I can’t stand to bare thinking about how things only got worse when that old dust covered, blinking light went off each night.

Thank God for my new home! ...and my new parent, well their getting closer and this is my first night in my new home, and guess what! I think I’m going to like it! …you know why? Mom just gave me a big kiss, and Dad just gave me a big hug, ….and ….he ….he told me, I could sleep in his spot tonight, if, I promise to always remember to always feel loved and right at home! Wow! I love my new family!
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