Teen Councilor/Leadership


The TEAHE Leadership Program, is designed to motivate and recognize club/student members for high effort in TEAHE positive action educational growth program. The


T.E.A.H.E. Leadership Enrichment Program is


s an opportunity for every TEAHE member to strive and receive recognition for accomplishments.

s designed to encourage excellence in the areas of leadership development, in the areas of
     technology, trade, sports, school/community service, and career/personal planning.

s planned so the highest level represent outstanding individual performance.


The T.E.A.H.E. Leadership Enrichment Program provides opportunities for TEAHE members to attain the highest ideals and goals of Self Improvement. This noncompetitive, self-initiated program encourages students to develop appropriate attitudes and increase their knowledge and skills through involvement in clubs, technology, education, community programs, and social activities.


The basic goals of the TEAHE Leadership Program are to

1. Inspire TEAHE members to seek leading role in the development of others.

2. Promote active participation at the club, school, community, state, and national levels.

3.Provide Leadership opportunities that assist club members/students
   in making informed and meaningful career and educational choices.

4. Develop team leadership participation abilities.

5. Recognize future leaders participating in TEAHE positive action programs and TEAHE Inc.

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